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24/7 Support

On our Discord, we offer support 24/7, with competent employees.


Safegames platform offer it's customers professional service, selection, quality and value.

Highly Customizable

Customers can order custom made products of the highest quality.


Our goal is to have a continuous growth and development of SafeGames. This will ensure investors value for their money.


Maxieminds team that is working on development of Safegames platform, consists of 10 full-time employed game developers.


SGS cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain technology and can give consumers better insight, due to transparency.

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Coin Specifications

Coin Name




Masternode Collateral

5.000 SGS



Block Time

60 Seconds

Blocks Per Day


Masternode Rewards

75 - 90 %

Stake Rewards

10 - 25 %

Total Supply

205.000.000 SGS


    Q1 2019
  • Project Starts
  • Team Recruitment
  • Platform Planning
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Test
  • Official Website Launch
  • Presale
    Q2 2019
  • Social Media
  • Crypto Bridge Listing
  • Masternodes.Online Listing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Staking Pool Partnerships
  • Escodex/Crex24 Listing
  • Delta App Listing
  • Blockfolio Listing
    Q3 2019
  • BETA Testing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • New Exchange Listing
  • Platform Promotion
  • Redefine Roadmap 2019
    Q4 2019
  • Platfom Release
  • Project Roadshow
  • Platfom Integration


Our efforts are put into trying to pave the way for future projects by ensuring our platform is cryptocurrency- friendly and user experience orientated. Our motivation arises from notable growth potential of our market niche. SafeGames will be a Platform which will provide Business 2 Business products, which every company can order Games, Web or any custom applications.

Real Time Systems

The services and APIs that SafeGames develop is already thriving and commonly used in the web development. It has rescued many developer over the past few years, and real-time functionality is no different. The focus at SafeGames, is to let you concentrate on building your real-time Games, Web or any custom applications by offering a hosted API which makes it quick and easy to add scalability and real-time functionality.


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